The World's Largest Database for Woodworking Projects

The World's Largest Database for Woodworking Projects



Ted's Woodworking emerges as a premier destination for woodworkers searching for detailed, custom project plans. Whether tackling intricate designs or simple necessities, woodworkers often encounter the challenge of lacking specific blueprints. Ted's Woodworking alleviates these hurdles, offering a vast repository of over 16,000 plans crafted by Ted McGrath, a master woodworker and renowned trainer.

Understanding Ted's Woodworking

Ted's Woodworking provides an extensive collection of blueprints, making it easier than ever to construct professional-quality woodworking projects from the comfort of your own workshop. Each plan is meticulously detailed, aiming to guide users through every step of the construction process without the guesswork commonly found in less reliable plans found online or in print.

Who Benefits from Ted's Woodworking?

Whether you are a novice eager to embark on your first woodworking project or an experienced craftsman seeking a diverse portfolio of plans, Ted's Woodworking has something to offer. With plans ranging from garden chairs to intricate cabinets, Ted's platform is designed to cater to all skill levels and woodworking interests.

Key Features of Ted's Woodworking

  • Step-by-Step Instructions - Each blueprint in Ted's collection comes with detailed, easy-to-follow instructions that help ensure project success.
  • Comprehensive Material and Cutting Lists - Save time and money with precise cutting and materials lists that prevent waste and unnecessary expenses.
  • Clear, Detailed Schematics - Enjoy high-resolution schematics for each plan, ensuring clarity and ease of follow-through on every project.
  • Multi-Angle Views - Plans include detailed imagery from various angles, providing a clear vision of the expected final product before you make the first cut.
  • Regularly Updated Collection - Access to new plans added monthly, keeping your project options fresh and exciting.

Potential Drawbacks

Despite its vast array of offerings, Ted's Woodworking is not without its flaws. The main concern is the sheer volume of content, which can be overwhelming and time-consuming to download, especially with a slower internet connection. However, opting for the DVD version can alleviate these issues, providing quick access to all plans without the need for lengthy downloads, though it comes with a waiting period for delivery.

Why Choose Ted's Woodworking?

Choosing Ted's Woodworking means access to an unmatched library of over 16,000 plans at an affordable price, far less than purchasing plans individually. It's an invaluable resource for anyone serious about woodworking, providing tools to craft everything from simple pieces to elaborate furniture.


Ted's Woodworking stands out as a comprehensive solution for woodworkers worldwide, offering detailed plans and resources that foster the creation of stunning, functional woodworking projects. Whether you're looking to fulfill client requests, embark on a personal project, or expand your woodworking skills, Ted's Woodworking provides the tools and guidance necessary to succeed.

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